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Engraved with a 'balance' positive affirmation, sacred flower of life geometric design and finished with a hammered effect.


This 600mL capacity copper water bottle with precious gemstones set in pure silver is beautifully and sustainably made and offers you the health benefits of copper in every mindful sip.


Ayurvedic Wellness handmade 100% high quality pure recycled copper water bottle. Handcrafted with AMETHYST crystal set in pure silver setting.Size: 600 ML

• Ayurvedic copper health benefits
• Antibacterial & antiviral
• Antioxidant
• Anti-inflammatory
• Collagen forming
• Sustainably made with pure copper
• Precious gemstones set in pure 925 silver
• Practical with carrying loop
• Sacred geometric pattern
• Engraved positive affirmation - Balance
• Leakproof (plastic inner) lids
• BPA free

This handcrafted water bottle was made using pure copper. 


Balance Bottle

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